Mama (2013)

Mama (2013)


Watch Mama (2013) free online without downloading. In the area of ​​the horror genre, there is hardly new, even more recently, Scott Derrickson could with his snuff film “Sinister” convince, in this in the first place with a winning atmosphere could score points with viewers. In a similar breach director Andres Muschietti jumps with his film “Mama” when it presents with producer Guillermo del Toro, a work that just knows how to impress with its surprise ending.

Five years ago, brought the father of the two sisters, Victoria (Megan Charpentier) and Lilly (Isabelle Nelisse) to his wife and fled in the middle of a snowstorm with his two daughters in the car, whereupon the latter a short time later from the road went off and in a ditch landed. As he fled together with his two daughters through the woods, the three found an old abandoned house where they were hiding, but as empty as they thought should not even be this house.

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